It has been a rollercoaster ride from the moment Umkhokha premiered on our screens on Mzansi Magic in October. The faith-based drama series exceeded viewers expectations with its storyline that kept people hooked and counting the days till Sunday.

Last week we saw Difa failing to kill his wife Mamzobe after hearing her confess to dating the late church leader Mvelase.

The man who was trigger happy because of his evil wife found himself being emotionally crippled by this secret after over two decades of marriage. Difa found himself helpless and watched his wife abuse his daughter Nobuntu as he watched on.

Sphamandla, who Difa had shot under Mamzobe’s orders, woke up from the coma after his wife Mabusi poured her heart out and finally confessed that she was in love with him.

What seemed to be the beginning of a love story was not happy ever after they wanted as they were surrounded by chaos. When Sphamandla is finally discharged from the hospital, he gets to have his way with his wife and is a happy man for a few moments.

On the other hand, Nobuntu is sent by her mother to poison Sphamandla and Mabusi, which she refuses. However, Mamzobe, through traditional black magic, uses muthi to make Nobuntu smell so much that no one would want to be close to her.

Reggie, who had taken her in, could not stand the smell and told him bluntly, and because of embarrassment, she moved out. She has no choice but to follow her mother’s orders, but she is caught, and after confessing to MaNzimande, she drinks the poison herself.

What to expect on Umkhokha Season 1 Finale

It is tears in both households as Nobuntu tries to fight for her life. Reggie is faced with lots of guilty as he feels it’s his fault that Nobuntu ended up in that situation. Will she will make it or not? Difa is finally tired of hiding his wife’s evil secrets threatens to go to the police, but it’s his word against the cunning Mamzobe. The two fight, and a gun is involved, which is bound to go off. Who will it strike?

Mabusi has her suspicions of the relationship between her husband and Nomkhosi, his sister-in-law. She confronts Sphamandla and asks him what’s going on between the two of them, and then goes on to warn Nomkhosi. Nomkhosi, known to be cunning, may deny it or try to rub the past in Mabusi’s face. All this drama happens tonight on Mzansi Magic at 8 pm.