Kgosi Tebatso Mashishi

Ever since Tebatso Mashishi made his debut appearance on Muvhango and became a household name, he has gained fans. The actor has become the second actor to make it from his hometown, with the first being Africa Tsoai from Skeem Saam.

The actor has opened up about the difficulties of Albinism and likes to call himself a different kind of black. He first came into the scene in 2015 before he finished school. This made people think that he was older than he is. The actor was born in 1993, making him 28 years of age. Tebatso is a proud father of one girl who he frequently shows off on his social media pages, and she resembles him.

Tebatso Mashishi
Tebatso Mashishi-Image Source(Instagram/Tebatso Mashishi)

Besides being an actor, Tebatso is also a rapper and a writer. He raps underground using the stage name Prodykal Son which he took from the parable in the bible. Being from a poverty-stricken background, he says he will get everything he is destined to get in this lifetime.

Tebatso Mashishi ‘Kgosi’ from Muvhango’s age shocks South Africa

Even though his role in Muvhango is the most famous, it’s not his first role acting in a drama serial. In 2015 Tebatso was cast as Biza in the only season of Mzansi Magic Ya Lla. This was when he was still studying at the Tshwane University of Technology for a degree in drama. Two years later, he made tongues wag with his role in the movie Matwetwe as Hustler Papi that show producers and fans started to take note of his talent.

Tebatso Mashishi in Muvhango
Tebatso Mashishi in Muvhango-Image Source(Instagram/Tebatso Mashishi)

Before joining Muvhango as an actor, he was a third assistant director and worked with Word of Mouth for years before he was offered the role of Kgosi on the show. His character is that of KK’s son, who only craved his father’s acceptance and love but was betrayed several times. In turn, he made his own mistakes and also caused a drift in their father-son relationship. Before KK left on his missionary work, he transferred a lot of money to his son, and Kgosi is a millionaire even though he only told Vhutshilo.