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Master KG Biography and Net Worth 2021

Master KG Biography

Kgaogelo Moagi, known professionally as Master KG, is a South African musician and record producer. Born and raised in Tzaneen, his debut studio album Skeleton Move achieved acclaim including an AFRIMMA Award for Best Artist/Group in the African Electro category. He is also known as the pioneer of “Bolobedu” dance.

Real  Name:  Musician: Producer, Singer

D.O.B AGE: 1996

OCCUPATION: Musician: Producer, Singer

Master KG Biography, Origin and Music

His success in music creation and production can be attributed to his early introduction to music. Master KG continuous dedication and passion in music has been his driving force in achieving a lot at a very tender age. This has enabled him to come up with various hits in the house music genre such as Skeleton Move where he featured Zanda Zakuza.

The young musician is a true inspiration to the young and upcoming creatives who are aiming to leave a mark in the highly competitive field.Growing up, Master KG was very passionate about music, so much, that he even faked illness so that he could stay in his bedroom to do what he loved. Even though it seemed cheeky at that time, it turned out very helpful in his music career.

In 2016 when Master KG was popping up in the music industry, he already had a full arsenal of beat making instruments and skills. READ ALSO: Nomhle Nkonyeni biography: age, son, cause of death, pictures, shows, and movies He was later signed by open mic productions where the management advised him to concentrate on his studies since he would be more marketable.

Just before signing to open mic production owned by Molau Rammala, he had become famous by inventing the popular Bolobedu dance.Later on in the spring of September 2018 open mic production helped him launch his debut album Skeleton Move. Master KG Skeleton Move had a number of hit songs such as Waya Waya and black drum.

This established Master KG as a household name across South Africa with a significant number of hit singles in the album. The album was very successful as various songs received some nominations and awards across the continent. The young producer and musician is surely destined to continue growing in the industry and producing more hits.

Master KG Net Worth 2021: $600,000

Master KG is young versatile musician who has seen his life transform amazingly well over the last few years. He had is major break out between 2017-2018. With his Skeleton Move single Master KG earned quite a lot from streams, digital downloads and mostly licensing bringing him a lot of royalties. He continued to remain relevant in the music industry ever since by constantly dropping hits. He charges in thousands of dollars for shows which he gets booked a lot. As of 2020 TINA Magazine estimates his net worth to be around 600 thousand dollars.

Master KG Wife

As of 2021 Master KG relationship status is certainly single and he most definitely not married.

Master KG Cars, House

Ever since his break out into the mainstream, master Kg Has been able to afford exotic cars for himself and family. He also as a beautiful house in Limpopo

Master KG Songs 2020

  • Skeleton Move
  • Jerusalema
  • Waya Waya
  • Tshwarelela Pelo Yaka
  • Situation
  • Jesu Wa Makatsa
  • Ntlo Ea Swa
  • Black Drum
  • Wa Nlebala
  • Famba Na Wena
  • Ngifuna Wena


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