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Jub Jub

A voice note is circulating the socials of Mama Jackie, under fire rapper Jub Jub’s mother, defending her son and calling his rape accusers liars. At first, she addresses Amanda du-Pond and says she’s lying, why couldn’t she tell her parents, why did she stay in a relationship for two years when she was being raped? Mama Jackie also alleges that Amanda du-Pond got into the entertainment industry with the help of Jub Jub. Mama Jackie also asserts that after Jub Jub dumped Amanda, the actress called and told her she was pregnant with Jub Jub’s twins.

Mama Jackie then addresses Masechaba Khumalo, clearly stating that she doesn’t know her, she has never met her, and wants her to describe her home then she’ll post pictures of her home after Masechaba’s description.

After breathing fire about Masechaba and asking her not to try her. She goes to address Bonukuhle Khumalo, who’s Jub Jub’s cousin. She does not deny her being related to them but asks why she’s only speaking out now when Amanda du-Pond is accusing her son.

Mama Jackie released a statement from her family which in the end says, “He will be opening a case of crimen injuria and defamation against Amanda du-Pond, Masechaba Khumalo, Bonukuhle Nkaba and Refilwe Khumalo who have been pulled into a campaign against our son by Amanda du-Pond on her social media page.

After Masechaba told the public Jub Jub raped her in Mama Jackie’s house. Mama Jackie’s crimes have also resurfaced. Mama Jackie ran an unregistered orphanage for years; when she was charged, she said social workers refused to register it because they were jealous of her fame.

She received large donations from institutions and world-renowned people like the late Nelson Mandela and Oprah Winfrey as she ran the orphanage. She was also charged for kidnapping a child she assaulted and forced to walk naked, and for that crime, she got a four years sentencing which she instead paid an R8000 fine. In 2015, Mama Jackie was charged with selling an infant to a couple for R12000.

Both Mama Jackie and Jub Jub are not strangers to breaking the law; Jub Jub is also out of prison under strict bail conditions.

Listen to Jub Jub’s mother, Mama Jackie defend her son below