Ivy Nkutha
Ivy Nkutha

Ivy Nkutha: Generations, The Legacy actress GogFlo, is a nurse and dentist in real life 

Actress Ivy Nkutha plays the role of GogFlo or Florence Diale in Generations The Legacy; she is a professional nurse in real life. On Generations, GogFlo is the matriarchy leader of the Diale family; she stays with her grandchildren Cosmo (Ronnie Nyakale) and Lucy (Manaka Ranaka).

Known as a prayerful woman, GogFlo is in the local church’s leadership in Alex; she often provides counselling and prayer sessions. Over the storyline, she adopted Lesedi (Luyanda Mzaza) in the Diale family. Despite her being upright, her grandchildren Cosmo and Lucy unleash terror in Alex behind her back. GogFlo bought shares in a coffee shop – Moca Mamas, which she runs with partner Zondiwe Mogale (Abigail Kubeka).

Known for her famous signature scones, Gogflo has managed to keep her business afloat to the amazement of family.

GogFlo is a nurse and dentist in real life

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Though she acts ignorant and gives a blind eye to some shenanigans going on in her family, GogFlo is a wise granny in real life. Born on 20 August 1941 in Alexandra, Ivy Nkutha is a qualified professional nurse; she holds a Nursing qualification from St. Thomas Training Institution.  After spending years in government hospitals, Ivy joined corporate nursing at the West Rand Administration Board before moving to dental school as a dentist and dental educator.

How did she start acting 

Qualified with a medical background, Ivy Nkutha had no plans to venture into acting before accompanying her granddaughter Noluthando Maleka who later played Dudu on Yizo Yizo to audition for Soul City.

“When I went with her to the set of Soul City, the director asked me if I could do apart for them. I didn’t hesitate, I did it, and they liked it,” she says. Ivy Nkutha bagged a role on Soul City, playing the patient’s grandmother, and the rest is history. From her first acting gig, Ivy landed roles on Muvhango, Zabalaza and Generations The Legacy.

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