When Marjorie Langa left her science career to pursue acting, she had no idea what she was even doing. All she knew was that she was following her heart and doing what she loved. Many years later, her talent and flair are forces to be reckoned with in the entertainment industry.

Like any other celebrity, the woman has also dipped her hand into the business world and is thriving in it. Did you know that Marjorie Langa is a CEO in real life?

Marjorie Langa is the CEO of Mokebe Solution, a company she formed in 2015. Her company has a wholesaler certificate from the Department of Energy and is 100% black female-owned.

The company is licensed to wholesale Petroleum and Lubricants, including diesel, petrol, biofuels, paraffin, and Liquefied Petroleum Gas. As a company, they are always on the lookout for potential investors.

Marjorie Langa-Image Source(Instagram)

Marjorie also happens to be someone who studied for a degree in Medical technology. Her family had big dreams for her in the medical and science field, and she majored in Microbiology. After graduating, the actress then practised for a good six years before she quit and followed her passion for acting.

Marjorie Langa’s acting career and accolades

Marjorie talks about her first audition as a disaster. The actress recalls that she went to the audition for a commercial, thinking it was one of those formal business interviews. She dressed in formal clothing only to find out that the role only required her to laugh. She went from job to job, and at first, life was hard as she could not afford to eat what she wanted. Marjorie talks of eating rice and soup for days and always paying rent upfront because she had no idea when the next cheque would come.

More than a decade later, Marjorie Langa is a well-known actress who has held her role in Scandal as Gloria, the busybody, since 2012. The actress has several commercials under her belt and is a SAFTA award-winning actress. She was in the former popular daily Tv soapie Isidingo as Ntombi. Besides that, she worked on Generations, City Sesla, Streets of Mangaung only, but to mention a few.