Somizi and Ali Boy
Somizi and Ali Boy

Somizi and Ali Boy squabble

The modelling agency Absound Modelling owner known as Ali Boy has accused Somizi of soliciting favours in return for Somizi showing up as a judge for his event held on the 16th of December.

Other public figures listed on the judging panel include the Loliwe singer Zahara and reality TV star from Real Housewives of Johannesburg Christall Kay. Ali Boy also shared a voice note of Somizi saying he could bring him food and his body. Ali Boy says he kept denying Somizi any favours because he is a straight man protecting his brand.

Somizi defended himself against a persistent Ali.

Somizi took to his socials and blasted Ali Boy, calling him a scam. Somizi announced he was fully booked for the rest of the festive season, but he did not know about this particular event because no payment was made to him by the agency.

Somizi did not deny personally knowing Ali Boy. According to him, they’ve known each other for two full years. Although Ali Boy has been stern on his heterosexual sexuality, Somizi says they flirt now and then, but that does not mean he will allow Ali Boy to tarnish his name.

Payment drama

Ali Boy says they offered to pay Somgaga, but he insisted on payment in kind. Somizi says he was offered money to show up at the event but wasn’t given anything. We’re all assuming Somizi was speaking about a deposit fee. Somizi asked the even owner to remove his picture from the event’s promotional poster unless he’d be paid. Still, Ali Boy resorted to blackmailing Somizi into showing up to the event.

People’s reactions

People see a lot of loopholes in Ali Boy’s story. Some call the modelling agency owner a fraud and tell him he just had a failed money heist.

There’s an entire Somizi Mhlongo defence force on Twitter defending him. Other users are just laughing at Ali Boy, and only a tiny demographic thinks he may be telling the truth. Zahara and Christall have not commented on their payments for the event.