Despite being one of the most followed drama series on Mzansi Magic DiepCity is making all sorts of headlines for the wrong reasons. In the backdrop of big wins, rumour has it that the showrunners are not paying its starstudded cast well despite promising big payouts.

The drama series boasts around with a star-studded cast of celebrated actors, the likes of Dawn Thandeka King, best known for her on-screen character on Uzalo as Mangcobo and Mduduzi Mabaso famous for his Rhythm City on-screen character of Suffocate Ndlovu.

DiepCity actress Mashenge ‘Dawn Thandeka King’ (Source Instagram)

In 2021 the drama series had more award nominations than any other drama series. Its supporting cast won big, with Sne being one of the celebrated star actresses to win big for her unmatched acting flair on small screens.

Rumour mill has it that the drama series has some financial woes barely a few months after its debut. Some sources have it that actors are being exploited despite the drama series doing well. Just like any other cast, actors have started voicing about their salaries.

DiepCity woes deepen as the cast complains about underpayment and exploitation

Rumour has it that showrunners pay their lead casts around R350 -R400 per month. Instead of getting around a monthly salary of close to R65 000 lead actors are earning around R10 500. According to News24, the actors have also opened up about the exploitation they are having in the hands of the showrunners. In the mix of these daring allegations, the drama series showrunners are yet to share their side of the story.

However, this is below the standards of the industry. In the wake of the novel virus, several showrunners have failed to pay their casts as per the contract agreement.

DiepCity Cast (Source Instagram)

In recent months, several soapie operas have been making all sorts of headlines for the wrong reasons. Muvhango trended after it failed to pay its casts for months. Even up to now, the showrunners are battling with pay backlogs.

Uzalo was hit with salary woes which even saw its starstudded cast jumping off the ship for greener pastures. Rumour has it Mzansi most-watched drama series was hit with salary woes which marked the mass exodus of its star-studded cast. Sources have it that Dawn Thandeka King dumped the Mzansi most-watched drama series for not paying well and in time. Shibe joined The Wife after having a fallout with Uzalo drama series showrunners in the backdrop of a contract.