Diep City

Diep City Actor Gangster ‘Themba Siyabonyi’ served a 6-year jail sentence before making all sorts of headlines with his Gangster character. With decades’ illustrious career, Themba Siyabonyi has fast become a celebrated South African star actor. His unmatched talent and acting flair have wowed Mzansi for years, and we can’t get enough of him.

Unlike others, his thrust into the limelight didn’t come in the backdrop of acting but rather music and dancing. We can even credit Author Mafokate for paving Siyabonyi’s road to fame.

Currently, he is making all sorts of headlines with his Danger on-screen character on Mzansi’s Magic drama series Diep City.

In the drama series, he stars as a hardcore gangster member who works under the command of Bra Elliot character played by celebrated award-winning actor Mduduzi Mabaso. However, of interest is his current storyline with Helen.

The actor is in love with Helen and has gone from stride to prove his affection to Helen. From dates to priceless moments in the shabeen, Gangster has marked his territory. Mzansi wondered where the actor popped up from in the wake of his newfound fame.

Diep City Actor Gangster ‘Themba Siyabonyi’ served a 6-year jail sentence before rising to fame
Well, to those new to small screens, Themba Siyabonyi is a big name for small screens. With decades of an illustrious acting career, the actor has starred in screenplays such as City Ses’la, Ses Top la, Lockdown and Gadifele.

Also, apart from acting, he doubles as a dancer, choreographer and director. Of interest is that he even starred alongside Morgan Freeman in Stink. Little is known about the crime he was nabbed and thrown behind the bus. However, things went south at some point, and he ended up serving a six-year jail term.

After having a hiatus on small screens, the actor enjoyed his newfound fame on Diep City. In one of his recent interviews, he revealed that he was glad to have a callback from the showrunners who invited him for the gig. However, this explains why his street lingo is mainly related to gangsterism and streetwise.

‘I had to research a bit about the role and went on to sharpen my flair through hanging out with some local gangesters’

In the wake of his gig, he has won best Background Actor for his on-screen character at the Royal Soapie Awards.