Shauwn Mkhize

Shauwn Mkhize wanted to test how fearless she is by visiting a wildlife reserve. She spent some time outside the cage of a white tiger called Ziggy. She got too close to the tiger, scaring her sister Nozipho

“Ziggy come and eat me.”

As she was outside the cage, she kept calling the tiger so it could come closer to her. There were times when it came close and she slightly stepped back. She was heavily interested in getting close to it though, as she kept going back.

In one of her many attempts to get close to Ziggy, she called the tiger and asked it to come and eat her. MaMkhize enjoyed the spectacular view of the tiger, she also said it looked really pretty. Sometimes when the tiger was closer, she got really excited.

We don’t usually see Shauwn with animals but this particular video showed us she has a very soft spot for them. She kept saying, “Yaaas,” at Ziggy expressing that she stans the tiger’s majestic. White tigers are a rare species and it warmed our hearts to see the animal appreciated instead of being abused.

Mzansi reacted to MaMkhize’s tiger video

“Come and eat me” Watch as Shauwn Mkhize plays with a tiger, scaring her sister away

MamKhize’s alleged pet snake

Was Ziggy not the first time the successful entrepreneur encountered a wild animal? Years ago Shauwn Mkhize’s daughter Sibahle Mpisane uploaded a video of a large snake on her Instagram. From afar, it looked like the snake was in MaMkhize’s mansion in LaLucia. People alleged that it was the family’s pet snake. None of them confirmed or denied that they have a snake after Sibahle took down the video.

When MaMkhize decorated her home with white Christmas decor, people alleged they could spot a large snake underneath one of the Christmas trees.

Watch Shauwn Mkhize plays with a tiger below: