Nkanyiso Bhengu
Nkanyiso Bhengu

South African actor and television personality Nkanyiso Bhengu, famous for his body structure and has featured on various telenovelas and TV adverts, has undergone a massive weight loss.

Nkanyiso, who has been overweight since childhood and has earned a lot of fortune, decided to turn a new leaf in 20019 and launched a national anti-obesity campaign.

“I don’t want to die,” Nkanyiso reckons the dangers of living with obesity hence made a life-changing commitment to shed weight, a choice he stuck to and reaped the rewards.

Nkanyiso Bhengu on The Queen
on The Queen: Image Credit @Instagram

Nkanyiso’s decision to shed weight was inspired his children and the need to be a healthy and able-bodied father and husband.

“I’ve always been overweight, it’s been who I am for most of my life, but it didn’t make my life as difficult as it is now. When I was younger, I could handle my weight better and still do most things, but now as I get older, it is becoming more and more dangerous for me. I have a family, a wife and children, and I don’t want to leave them before I would have if I had just shed some weight. I don’t want to die,” he said.

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He flaunted his progress on social media and has everyone impressed by his hard work and dedication. He updated fans on the new weight loss journey while celebrating 285 since launching his #walkitoffwithnkanyiso campaign.

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Nkanyiso Bhengu
: Image Credit @Instagram

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Nkanyiso Bhengu
Nkanyiso Bhengu: Image Credit @Instagram

Nkanyiso rose to fame in 2002 after auditioning for Popstars, an SABC3 reality competition. He later hosted an etv game show sponsored by Coca Cola and Agape, a religious Sunday morning programme.

He was a vocalist in the musical theatre production Joyous Celebration, directed by Lindelani Mkhize, from 2006 to 2009.

He played different roles on Mzansi soap operas, including Bra Socks on The Queen and Pastor Mdluli on The River.

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