Social media has been set ablaze after multi-award-winning gospel sensation Dr Winnie Mashaba gave birth to today’s bouncing baby girl.

The gospel sensation shared the good news on her social media, and congratulatory messages have since flooded social media. Dr Winne Mashaba has it that she was blessed with a baby girl on 2  January 2022. She went on to thank everyone who wished her well during the pregnancy.

Her pregnancy rumours went viral a few weeks ago and confirmed that she was indeed pregnant and was expecting soon. Well, she meant her word after all. However, she has been making all sorts of headlines in recent years, from infertility rumours to divorce woes.

Award-winning gospel musician Dr Winnie Mashaba (Source Instagram)

Dr Winnie Mashaba pregnancy came in the backdrop of a divorce. She filed for divorce from her husband of 16-years, Makgokgo Makgopa.

40-year old gospel sensation Dr Winni Mashaba welcomes her bundle of joy

Dr Winnie Mashaba failed marriage with Makgokgo

The 40-year-old musician has been married to Makgokgo Makgopa for 16 years, but last year, Dr Winnie Mashaba filed for divorce. According to sources, Makgopa was even dropped from the award-winning musician management team.

Rumour has it that Mashaba replaced him with Tswako Music and Projects owned by Khaitjadi. However, Khaitjadi happens to be Makgopa’s nephew.

Miscarriages and Cheating rumours that made headlines

Rumour mill has it that the celebrated media personality wasn’t happy in her marriage and couldn’t hold up anymore. Some bold claims have it that her marriage crumbled because of infidelity and irreconcilable differences.

Award-winning gospel musician Dr Winnie Mashaba (Source Instagram)

It is alleged that the marriage went south last year when the singer questioned her husband’s relationship with one of her lead vocalists. Some say this was a final blow to the marriage, but Winnie Mashaba never confirmed this.

Various sources claim that Winnie Mashaba filed for divorce four years ago but only managed to keep her private life under wraps. They even claimed that she wore her wedding ring to avoid unnecessary drama from fans and the media at large. However, it was also revealed that Mzansi only got to know her divorce four years later after calling it quits.