Lehasa Maphosa
Lehasa Maphosa

Lehasa Maphosa set for Skeem Saam exit through arrest? No doubt Skeem Saam won’t be the same as our on-screen favourite. He has been making all sorts of headlines because of his ruthless Lehasa character on SABC1’s drama series Skeem Saam. However, after having a hand in Fanie’s death, it seems as if the walls a fast closing in for him.

Lehasa killed Fanie after discovering that he was dating Pretty. He salvaged a plan as his goons gunned Fanie down but didn’t kill him at point-blank. In the backdrop of the shootout, he made a follow-up at the hospital and made sure he did the Italian job well.

The hunky character is fast running out of ideas on how to clear up his name from the mess. To clear his name from the murder case, he has paid his IT specialist hefty amounts to wipe Fanie’s computer and cellphone data, but it might be late. But in the mix of things, Eunice found incriminating evidence against his boss and gave it to Emkay and Pretty.

A memory stick with incriminating evidence against him has already landed in the wrong hands, and  CCTV footage might have captured him in the act.

Is Lehasa Maphosa exiting Skeem Saam through arrest?

To make matters worse, Peterson will also implicate Lehasa’s close ally into the murder case and leaving him with no option to implicate him into the equation. Who will go down with Lehasa? Will he be able to come out clean from this mess, and who will go down as a sacrificial lamb?

Not only Peterson is convinced that Lehasa killed Fanie, but Pretty too, given the fact that she connected the dots with evidence, she found seven days before his death.

According to spoilers, the business mogul will lose his ground in his business partnership. Lehasa won’t have deep pockets to clear his mess. Kgosi will give in to pressure and nail Lehasa into several scandals and cases under investigation. This will be the fall of Lehasa.

However, it seems as if there has been a mass exodus at Skeem Saam of late. Not so long ago, actress Harriet Manamela who played the on-screen character of Meikie Maputla bowed out from the drama series through arrest.