Israel Matseke-Zulu
Israel Matseke-Zulu

Despite being the face of Gomora since his return onset, Israel Matseke-Zulu has been making all sorts of headlines with his on-screen character of Don.

However, a few months into his much talked about return. He bowed out of the drama series after being shot point-blank by her wife Zodwa character played by Sannah Machunu.

Don was cast as Teddy’s biological father, who abandoned him and Zodwa after finding love in the arms of Sibongile’s mother, who happened to be rich.

However, in the mix of things, their affair turned south when Sibongile’s mother died, and her family repossessed everything leaving Don with nothing. He was forced to return home only to find his son in the custody of Melusi and Gladys. Zodwa’s parental custody was stripped-off due to her alcoholism.

After having a few months on set, Zulu saw his on-screen character being killed off because of his illness. Reports have it that the actor failed to come on set on time and move around after his gangrene illness worsened. The actor has it that he was even going on set with a wheelchair, which made things tough for the cast; hence he had to request his character to be killed.

Don set for Gomora return after a successful amputation surgery

No doubt the Gomora showrunners gave him an epic showdown as he wrapped off his Don’s character as he was shot on point-blank with Zodwa. A few days ago, Zulu hogged headlines after it was revealed that he got his right leg amputated.

Rumour mill has it that the surgery was done at one of Johannesburg private hospitals located in the affluent suburb of Sandton. However, speaking to the media in the wake of his amputation, the celebrated actor best known for his Zone 14 character indicated that he was not ready to talk about his recent surgery.

Since his amputation, the actor gets all the support he deserves from close friends and family. In his road to recovery, the rumour mill has it that award-winning drama series Gomora is more than willing to tag him along once he fully recovers.

Close sources have it that he might play the recurring role of Don, and it seems to add up given the fact that despite being shot, his body is missing and nowhere to be found. We can all agree that he is poised for the much talked about return on Gomora. However, it has been reported that he is also set to return his off-screen role as a scene shooting scout for Sereti Films.