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Yonda Thomas: Meet Generations The Legacy actor Lelethu’s wife, a medical doctor who begged for R500k to pay school fees

Actor Yonda Thomas joined Generations The Legacy to play the role of Lelethu, a journalist, his wife, Doctor Mumtaaz Emeran, begged for R500 000 on social media to pay her school fees debt.

Yonda joined the Generations cast as a journalist, replacing Kay Sibiya, who played the role of Siyanda. Lelethu is a part-time journalist who has ultimate dreams of writing influential and motivational books. Lelethu was introduced on Generations looking sick and found by Detective Dali Malinga, who moved him to hospital under the watchful eye of Dr Sphe Moroka (Pearl Monama).

Generations’ publicist Nandipha Pantsi revealed that Lelethu is a ladies man who moves from one to another, and women continue to throw themselves at him.

In real life, Yonda Thomas is married to a medical practitioner, Doctor Mumtaaz Emeran, who turned to Instagram to beg for schools fees. After passing her course, Mumtaaz accumulated half a million in student debt that she owed the University of Witwatersrand and had to clear it before graduating.

Yonda Thomas’ wife Doctor Mumtaaz Emeran Background story

Appealing to the public for crowdfunding, she revealed that she was born and raised in Umthata, Cape Town, “a place where dreams are hard to get fulfilled.” She gave birth at an early age, and her family turned against her. In an Instagram post, she is grateful for the man who took her in when her biological father rejected her.

Meet my father.

A man that stepped up when my biological father wanted nothing to do with me when I fell pregnant. He took on the responsibility to help raise my son while I pursued my dreams. When I graduated, that was my way of saying thank you Abee (Arabic for father)

She enrolled with Wits University taking breaks in between her academic period to work and raise school fees. Everything worked according to plan until she found a sponsor (a Trust Foundation) who promised to pay her school fees; unfortunately, the Foundation lost money and failed to meet the fees obligation. She was advised to raise R500 000 and pay the fees in 24 hours to be able to graduation hence she turned to Instagram family and South Africans to make her dream come true and enable her to start working the following month at Chris Hani Hospital.

How much did she manage to raise?

In an interview with Enca, she revealed that she raised more than R500 000 and has channelled the balance into starting a charity organisation that will pay the less privileged school fees.