Sithelo Shozi
Sithelo Shozi

When you talk of a highly favoured woman and a blessed woman, you refer to the famous Sithelo Shozi. Whatever that woman said in her prayers, the whole of South Africa copies and pastes because wow!

Sithelo Is A Musician

Besides being a beautiful baby mama, Sithelo is a musician. I am sure we all remember her hit song Forever that broke charts in 2019. When everyone listened to the music, no one even thought she referred to Andile Mpisane as their world was just two completely different concepts. At that time, it was like mixing oil and water. But now, the two are openly in a relationship, and they are serving couple goals.

Many People Do Not Support Andile and Sithelo’s Relationship

Although there has been a lot of controversy around their relationship, they just keep it moving and quite frankly, they don’t seem to care what people think or are saying about them. The part that got a lot of people talking about this relationship is that Sithelo is way older than Andile, and she started dating Andile when she was already in her late twenties, and Andile was only 18. Many people on Twitter even went as far as calling Sithelo a paedophile as they were not just dating whilst Andile was only 18, but they also had their first baby then. They now have three kids and seem to be living their best life together.

Sithelo does not seem to care about her hate from being in a relationship with the boy. When asked recently on an Instagram live if she was still dating Andile, she replied that only death could separate them, and she is not going anywhere. Honestly, no one would ever break up with someone who buys them a car worth millions without even blinking twice. What people are expecting from Sithelo is so unbelievable. It is truly incredible as the moon catches fire.

He Bought Her A Matching BMW

But it is easy to say something and expect someone to do it just like that, simply because it is not you. Sithelo and Andile do not seem to be bothered by their age difference, and so quite frankly, it should not bother people. Andile bought his baby mama another car; it is so beautiful!