DJ Fresh

Prominent DJ Fresh, real name Thato Sikwane and seasoned broadcaster have confirmed that they are happily divorcing through a joint video.

The media personalities have been married for the past 20 years and have decided to call it quits. Reports in the media indicate the couple has been separated for a while but decided not to go public about their private lives. After a family member leaked the ongoing divorce process to the media, they made a video.

Unlike typical divorcing couples, the Sikwanes seem to understand each other and walk together in the process.

“Those who follow me know I’m not a social media don, but these are special circumstances concerning what is happening around us,” Thabiso said.

 stated the couple needed to set the record straight as the media pushed wrong information.

“Yes, we are headed for divorce. We have been in the process for the last two years,” Thabiso said as Fresh nodded. “We have been separated for pretty much of the lockdown, and we are finalising the details right now,” Fresh added.

We still love each other, and I think people expected fireworks, drama and demands, but there will be no drama between us. We have three kids to raise, and that is our focus.

Thabiso also took the chance to advertise her active sportswear brand called Above Normal and her honey business.

Fresh announced the couple has a music track together called Stay Real. “Check out for Stay Real dropping just before the European summer,” and enthusiastic said.

Look out for our honey in the market. Our bees have been busy on our background. concluded by suggesting that the couple do divorce workshops to help other couples struggling with the difficult phase.

Thabiso pushed Fresh off the camera, ending the recorded video.

Watch and Thabiso below