Franklin Cudjoe

Founder and President of IMANI Africa, Franklin Cudjoe, says Ghana does not need an office of a Special Prosecutor to fight Corruption in the country.

According to him, we set up an Office of the Special Prosecutor for close to three years now and we didn’t still have a single case of corruption successfully prosecuted before Martin Amidu resigned. He said we rather need a committed leader to fight corruption and not new laws or offices.

Speaking to BBC’s focus on Africa, Franklin Cudjoe said he believes in the school of thought that suggests that the country does not need a special office to fight corruption.

Because the country has various institutions set up to fight the canker but what has been lacking over the years is a commitment to the fight to nip corruption in the bud

“Even though we needed the special prosecutor, we did say that it will take almost four years, the lifetime of a tenure of a president for a single case to be prosecuted. So I side with those views as well, I’m only saying that now that we have the special prosecutor and given the President’s proclivity to doing things right this came rather as a surprise really.”