Thembi Seete ‘Gladys’
Thembi Seete ‘Gladys’

Thembi Seete has been on our screens since the ’90s, but she doesn’t seem to age. Her fans want to know her anti-ageing secrets. She continues to cement herself into our hearts, and it is so ridiculous just how much she never dies out. The people that started with her have long retired or have been completely forgotten, but she continues to defy the odds and climb higher up the ladder.

Thembi Seete Was In Boom Shaka

Before she became an actress, Thembi was a famous musician. She was in a popular girl group known as Boom Shaka in the olden days. Thembi and the other two women absolutely slew their music journey, but it, unfortunately, came to an end, and she quickly had to find something else to leave her mark.

She decided to move on to acting and branch her wings in the entertainment industry. She was on the popular Yizo Yizo, a Mzansi sensation back then and then she moved on to Zone 14, which was also a South African favourite. She acted on Zone 14 for about four seasons.

Receiving Endless Love As Gomora’s Gladys

She has since moved on to many popular shows. Seete is on the popular and very much loved Gomora, where she plays the role of a woman named Gladys, a social worker who manages everyone’s home affairs but can’t seem to keep her own house in check. She is killing this role and is honestly giving it her all.

If we could count how many years she has been on our screens, we’d certainly miss a few because that’s how long she has stayed on television. Since the ’90s, how impressive! What is most remarkable is how she doesn’t look a day over 30, yet she is heading towards her 50’s.

Thembi Joins Tik Tok

What is her beauty secret? That is the million-dollar question on everyone’s mind. But I guess the answer is simple; she dances her wrinkles away, there is no other possible explanation for how she stays so fresh. Tik Tok takes pride in crediting the creators, the dance is by Quinxxysworld, and it is trendy on the Tik Tok streets.

Watch Thembi Seete dance below: