Umlando is a new hot amapiano song by a new amapiano artist called Manqoba. #UmlandoChallenge participants are primarily male, and they do the challenge shirtless with a bucket hat on their heads. To participate, a person must be shirtless whilst moving the hip region with side to side, circular and front and back motions in different locations. Twitter and Tik Tok are ablaze with other people participating.

The versatility of challenge participants. This challenge is for everyone. Although most of the dancers are male, school children, artists, and so on, it looks better when a male person participates.

Best #UmlandoChallenge video

User @Mpanzero_kg on TikTok uploaded his initial video performing the challenge, and he did it so well that a female follower asked him, “Please do it again, I was walking my fish”.

Mpanzero did it again with a shot dancing in front of his opened door, a shot of him shutting the door, a shot of him on the fence, touching the next door’s roof and the last shot on the wall again. It seems the more locations in the same attire, the better.

Another exciting video is that of user @Thabisoo_m on Tik Tok. Thabiso starts dancing on the balcony, does it holding on to the side of a moving van, doing the challenge on top of a slow-moving truck, outside business premises, inside the shower, on the road whilst cars are passing, hanging on a billboard and the last shot being on top of the fence.

Celebrities who have taken part in the #UmlandoChallenge

Young Stunna did the challenge between two Mercedes V-Class cars, and he did it on the pavement carrying a box of images (popular Mzansi drink), on top of the fence with a friend and on his balcony.

Expresso presenter Rene De Morny

He tried with the first shot on the Expresso studio floor and the second shot on top of the Expresso studio table. He wasn’t fully dressed, so his challenge didn’t quite make it.

People’s sentiments

Ladies love the challenge, and they keep begging users to do other Umlando videos again. Men who aren’t participating disapprove.

We don’t quite know Manqoba, the owner of the hit single, but his song is a definite hit.

Watch Umlando Challenge videos below: