Thando Thabethe interviewed Tyler Perry

interviewed about his new movie called A Madea Homecoming. is one of the most influential producers and filmmakers of our generation.

Madea Homecoming is the 12th in the series of Madea Movies. In 2019 announced that he was retiring the old loudmouth. It has now been revealed that she is back and louder than ever.

Thando Thabethe sat down with Tyler Perry on her Drive with Thando show on 947.
Tyler has been playing the character of Madea for over a decade now.

Thando couldn’t contain her excitement and went straight into business.
Thando asked Tyler Perry what he thinks the difference between releasing the film for a streaming service and cinema.
Tyler explained that there is not much difference except that the film gets to reach everyone around the world at once on a streaming service.

Tyler Perry plays multiple characters in the Madea franchise. One of the most memorable ones that he plays is Joe, who is the brother of Madea. Joe is also Brian’s father, and Brian is one of the characters also played by Tyler Perry.

Tyler Perry had an interview with Thando Thabethe
Tyler Perry had an interview with . Credit: Instagram/TylerPerry

Tyler explained how he never follows the rules when making his films. A Madea Homecoming follows her great-grandson’s graduation celebration from college. In true Madea fashion, all hell breaks loose as the family meets in her house for this celebration.

A Madea Homecoming might be a comedy, but it tackles serious issues like Race, the LGBTQ and the subject of Marijuana.

Thando Thabethe
. Credit: Instagram/ThandoThabethe

When Thando asked him why he brought back the character after he said he was done with her, Tyler Perry said he wanted to get some positivity back because the world had become so sad due to the Covid19 pandemic and other things that are keeping the world scared.

uploaded highlights of their conversation on her Instagram page, and her excitement is palpable. She has described Tyler as one of her favourite people.

The movie debuted on Netflix on the 22nd of February 2022. You can watch the interview in its entirety on the 947 websites.

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