Patrick Shai challenges Cassper Nyovest

When he took a video challenging the rapper Cassper Nyovest to a boxing match, was inside a V-Class Mercedes. He spoke using his SeSotho language, which translated to the words, “I want to meet you in the ring, I want to make sure that I fight and defeat you before I die. On my tombstone, I want it to be written that I defeated you. I don’t know if your name is Caster or Gospel, but whoever you are, I want to beat you up, you son of a b**ch.”

Public outrage after the video

When a person is older, they have to lead the young ones. Mzansi was outraged by how a man as old as could casually provoke a youngster like Cassper. What upset and angered most people was the veteran actor calling Cassper’s mother a son of a b**ch.

People’s sentiments over the issue

People expressed their concerns over , one of the most prominent Gender-based Violence activists in South Africa, yet calling a woman a b**ch unprovoked. In the past, he has admitted to being a physically abusive husband towards his wife. It leaves him a sordid image to want to fight a young man given his history, and perhaps he’s power-hungry.

South Africans suggested that he pick a fight with his peers like Jerry Mofokeng, Ntate Thuso, Chomane Chomane, Sello Maake ka Ncube, Don Mlangeni and Magic Hlatshwayo.

’s acting career

Patrick is currently a cast member of The River, and he’s acted on many television programmes and movies since 1994. However, his most notable roles are Soul City, Zero Tolerance, Moferefere Lenyalong, Noah’s Ark, Hola Mpinji, etc.

Public stunt by Cassper

A small demographic of people have come up with a conspiracy. People are alleging that all of these fights are orchestrated by Cassper. If he has an opponent, sponsors will chip in to advertise their brands. So, the more Cassper fights, the more he will get money.

Watch challenges to a boxing match.