Nomcebo Zikode

 was bubbling with excitement as she took centre stage and performed at the Africa Cup of Nations final. Performing at such a large stage is a career milestone for every musical artist. An artist does not use a cv with live performances, be it acting, dancing, singing or presenting; the last performance is the biggest reference.

When Nomcebo wants to perform at a more significant event or a larger audience, her AFCON performance will be used as a reference. She’s expressed on her Instagram that she’s grateful for the opportunity and, judging by her performance, she grabbed it with both hands.

Closing ceremony

Africa Cup of Nations had an emotional closing ceremony. In African countries, colour is fundamental and, a broad spectrum was showcased. Fireworks were also the order of the day, and with the artists that were performing, they chose the best of the best.

Noncebo’s performance

Nomcebo wore a black bodycon jumpsuit with the most elaborated sleeves. Her sleeves were white with a bold print that adorned the attire. Before singing, she introduced herself and named the country she hails from. She sang her chart-topping song Jerusalem and many others.

People across Mzansi posted videos of her performance, and many people told her that she killed it. Many South Africans felt well represented by the Xola Moya Wami singer. Nomcebo is one of the singers with the cleanest brands ever; her image is Afrocentric and uniques, her music is also vibrant and soothing. Having her perform there was a good move for AFCON.

Rubbing shoulders with a billionaire

Nomcebo took a picture with one of Africa’s richest black men Patrice Motsepe. As we all know, Patrice Motsepe is the newly appointed president of the Africa Cup of Nations. He was present during all the games and festivities. Nomcebo couldn’t wait to post her picture with the mining giant.

Watch Nomcebo’s performance below:

The controversy of the Jerusalem song

Master KG had a dispute regarding the Jerusalem song. Nomcebo wasn’t allowed to perform the song outside his presence, but, as we’ve seen, that matter has been resolved.