Mihlali Ndamase

Mihlali Ndamase surprised her fans by posting the lead actress of the movie Boxing Day on Showmax. In the film, Mihlali plays a young woman called Nonceba who will try pulling a dangerous criminal scheme and her brother for a financial emergency they have.

Boxing Day storyline

The movie is based on many South Africans’ predicament; having a family member pass away when there’s no funeral cover or money to help with the burial. Although many people who find themselves in this situation in real life rely on donations, Mihlali’s character Nonceba and her brother try doing crimes to raise funds. The plan is to kidnap a Minister then ask his wife for ransom. The blesser/sugar daddy culture is also explored in this movie.

Mihlali Ndamase on camera

Mihlali doesn’t have experience as an actress, especially in a lead role. Still, her YouTube channel is one of the most successful in the country, and she’s fantastic with her beauty tutorials and screen interviews.

The complexity of the role for an inexperienced actor

The movie Boxing Day seems to have a simple storyline, but it’s a one h 32-minute long movie. Her role will go from dealing with the grief of losing her grandmother, and she’ll need to cry. The character will also need to seduce an older man and show slight disgust when she has to be close with him. The YouTuber will also have to look scared at some point in the movie. This is a very complex role, but if the directors trusted her for the part, then she might’ve been a great fit.

Mihlali’s acting on the snippet.

In the trailer, Mihlali is on a video call with the minister flirting and trying to seduce him virtually, so he agrees to a meetup. Mihlali’s voice is high pitched like a typical slay queen trying to clutch onto a rich man. Judging from the trailer alone, Mihlali seems to have this acting thing on lock.

Watch Mihlali Ndamase on Boxing Day trailer: