The television soapie Imbewu The Seed recently cast the actress Angela Sithole who has played the role of Terry Ramotsetsi in PR Guru. On Imbewu, Angela plays a golddigger called Zandile. It hasn’t been long since the character’s introduction, but Zandile has South Africa glued to their screens.

Zandile lost her clutch over her previous blesser and managed to lure the character Nkululeko Bhengu with muthi (love potions). To attract wealth, she went to a traditional healer who helped her acquire herself an ukuthwala snake. The snake was said to be her bringer of rich men and money.

After she got her snake, Nkululeko had a vivid dream of holding her, and when he woke up, she was all she could think about. He gave her R20 000 and bought her a brand-new car.

Zandile and the snake

As much as Zandile’s snake seems to be working for her, it wants to steal Nokuzola’s and Nkululeko’s child during her pregnancy in return for Nkululeko’s wealth that Zandile is now enjoying.

Donsi, Nkululeko’s aunt, has saved the child as a traditional healer, but how long will she manage to take out these fires? The storyline is hot; the snake might also want to devour Nkululeko’s living son Mepho in the future.

Angela Sithole. Credit

Dissecting Ukuthwala

Ukuthwala is a ritual process one uses to instantly acquire wealth, fame, adulation or any of your deepest desires. A person does Ukuthwala by using blood sacrifices, snakes, sacred animals, or short boys (mystical African creatures). It’s very advantageous as the person who does Ukuthwala gets everything they want without working hard or suffering.

It’s disadvantageous at times if the person loses interest, stops doing what they agreed on, and can result in death or mental illness.

Other soapies have explored the topic of Ukuthwala.

Generations The Legacy explored Ukuthwala when the character Tshidi Phakade played by Latoya Makhene got herself a snake to help her gain money and power.

Muvhango also explored Ukuthwala when Khakhathi Mulaudzi played by Mcdonald Ndou eventually got mentally ill as he failed to keep his ‘small boys’ happy.