Generations The Legacy

Human Bones are exhumed on Generations The Legacy this week. The drama series has released highlights for this week’s episodes, and we are in for a treat. It’s all about Mpho and his mysterious case, he might be cracking it, but he will also face the consequences of his unorthodox methods.

Mpho might face the full might of the law. The guy he gave a concussion will open a case of assault against Mpho. Mpho has been working to solve the mystery behind the women who have been disappearing, and he has been going against all the rules to try and solve this case.

Mpho used Dali Malinga’s signature to unlock forensic files without approval. When the guy opens a case of assault against him, he opens a can of worms on him as well. Zanele is seen reporting this to Dali and to say Malinga is angry about this is an understatement.

Pamela continues to push for Mpho to investigate even against his will.

Mpho takes the forensic team to a field where they suspect the body of one of the missing women might be buried. Dali disturbed the process of attempting to put Mpho under arrest, but human bones were discovered.
It looks like Mpho was on to something this whole time.

Muvhango Episode 71, Monday 28 February 2022

Mpho uses police resources to conduct his own investigation...And it looks like he's on to something
Mpho uses police resources to conduct his investigation…And it looks like he’s on to something. Credit: Instagram/Generations The Legacy

The digging process will begin tonight’s episode, and Nontle is not feeling that process. My curiosity is running wild over this.

Nkosiyabo is not allowing Moroka Media to overshadow them. The competition is between Pamela and Lelethu. These two are now going after the same story. Lelethu activated the hunter in him on Friday when he saw Pamela hanging out with Kapteni. Kapteni was Jack Mabasos henchmen. He didn’t waste any time trying to get a story out of him.
Nkosiyabo gets a hold of this little run, and he is seen telling Pamela not to allow Moroka Media to overtake them on this story.

Mazwi agrees for Winston to start working at MM? That’s unexpected. Winston is seen sitting in one of the Moroka Media offices, seemingly working. Mazwi never ceases to amaze us.

Let’s get ready, and it’s going to be a ride.

Catch Generations The Legacy on SABC1 tonight at 20h00 for the first in the dramatic events of this week’s episodes.

Watch Human Bones are exhumed on Generations The Legacy.