Cassper Nyovest
Cassper Nyovest

Refiloe Phoolo, also known as Cassper Nyovest, knocked the YouTuber Slik Talk out on the first round of their boxing match. Slik Talk proved to be not so sleek in the boxing ring when he failed to throw jabs at Cassper, the way he usually throws them online.

Slik has the referee to thank after stopping the fight in the first round after failing to block several blows on his face. Noticing that the match was one-sided, the referee stopped the match barely a minute after it started. The match was over. The referee raised his hands, crossed them, signalling the end of the match, leaving spectators confused.

A referee can stop a boxing match to protect an opponent if they take too many blows in the face without covering themselves. The rule exists to avoid severe damage to the head.

Cassper’s team began removing his bandages and gloves, but the crowd started singing ‘we want more, forcing them to stop and speak to the referee. The visibly shaken Slik Talk was panting heavily sitting in his chair and told the referee that he was not done.

After deliberations, the referee agreed to restart but instructed Cassper not to go hard on Slik Talk as it could be fatal. The match was restarted to entertain over 150,000 watching on social media and 100 spectators at the venue. The fight eventually ended in the second round as the referee realised Slik Talk could not take any more blows.

Who is Slik Talk, and how did this fight begin?

Slik Talk is a South African YouTuber who reports on celebrity news, celebrity gossip, and personal opinions on celebrities on his YouTube channel. Many have called him disrespectful due to his constant bashing of female celebrities. When Amanda du-Pont told the world she was an abuse victim at the hands of Jub Jub, Slik called her a fraud. South Africans also called out for body-shaming the Amanikiniki singer Kamo Mphela.

When Cassper heard the YouTuber had nasty things to say about him on the internet, he challenged him to an R100k boxing match where the winner would take all. The internet sensation had a few disagreements but later accepted to fight the New Age Doc Shebeleza when the price was raised to be worth R200K. The show was dubbed with the name Fame Vs Clout.

Day of the fight

On the 22nd of December, Cassper was calm and casually posted about being vested in the spirit of the legendary boxer Mohammad Ali. He also shaded Slik by calling him a soft boy and expressed how he wanted to knock him out. The rapper also elaborated on how irritating he thinks the YouTubers voice is. On the other hand, Slik posted a video on his YouTube channel still dissing Cassper. The internet sensation uploaded a photoshopped picture of Cassper with bruises on his face threatening him and saying the rapper would get trashed.

The match

The match was relatively easy for Cassper, and he dodged most of Slik’s attempts to throw punches. Slik looked like an untrained and inexperienced boxer. He most likely underestimated the ring and went unprepared. Cassper, on the other hand, was calm and showed mastery when he fought. The Move for Me singer seems to be skilled in boxing which is most likely why he’s challenged so many people to ring fights like AKA, Prince Kaybee and Naaq Music.

People’s reactions to the fight

People are having a field day making jokes at Slik. One person said Slik is probably fully vaccinated now because he took so many jabs from Cassper. Other users took screenshots of his face during the fight and dubbed it as the face of regret. During the fight, there was a time Slik lost his balance and leaned on Cassper. People are saying he was low-key looking for a hug from the rapper.

Watch Cassper Nyovest vs Slik Talk boxing match below: