Faith Nketsi

Reality TV show star for Have Faith on MTV, Faith Nketsi, seems to be developing an interest in cooking these days. Not too long ago, she posted multiple pictures of food she cooked. Typically Faith is famous for her lifestyle, including event hosting, clubbing, shopping, travelling, and modelling. Many people assume she’s not tame at all.

Cooking for her man

On one of the Have Faith episodes, the star’s mother gave her an African beer brewing tutorial. Faith wasn’t interested and said she and her man would hire people for it. Her mom told her Zulu men to preserve their culture, and she’ll have to do things with her hands. Not too long ago, she posted her cooking videos and said the food she made was the food her man asked for.

Family in the culinary Business

When Faith was younger, her mother opened a confectionery business. Faith used to assist her with baking and selling. The star was pretty young in those days, but she managed to grasp it all. Faith’s cousin, Refilwe Nketsi, has a food business. Refilwe caters for events and people; she even does food platters and desserts. Cooking and baking seem to be in the Nketsi blood.

Food made by Faith

Although we haven’t tasted the food, we must talk about how tasty it looks. Faith’s food looks rich and wholesome. She can blend various foods and spices, and it seems just wow. Another impressive thing is she knows how to dish up and make the food look appetizing.

Last time she made mashed potatoes with butter, heavy cream and seasoning. She also made delicious-looking oxtail. Faith also made stuffed chicken breasts wrapped with bacon. Of course, there was chakalaka and some salad to add some crunch to the dish.

Andezo T rated the food.

Faith cooking is some exciting content. Andezo T, a Have Faith cast member, later visited Faith and tasted the food. He sarcastically rated the entire plate of food an 8.5, and we know he was being silly.

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