Dineo Ranaka

The Umlando Challenge trended in the backdrop of the release of the smash-hit Umlando, which features Mzansi’s finest. However, in the mix of things, the viral challenge saw several celebrities taking part in the trend, but it ended in tears to some. Dineo Ranaka has since been crowned the winner of the Umlando Challenge despite having a backlash in her first attempt.

Dineo Ranaka was suspended from Metro FM after her viral challenge in the office during working hours flooded social media. Rumour mill had it that the radio personality suspension came after she refused to apologise to station managers about violating some office rules.

Despite being suspended for misconduct, Mzansi rallied behind her, and the Metro FM was forced to take her back. In recent weeks, she has been serving more than clap backs with her Umlando challenge vibes.

Dineo Ranaka takes Umlando dance challenge to Konka

After reconsidering at Metro FM, Dineo did the Umlando challenge at her home. In the viral video, she was seen everywhere, from being on top of the fridge to couches.

Ranaka wowed Mzansi with her dancing flair as she did a Konka edition of the challenge. She was all over Konka, from the parking lot to tables. She later wowed Mzansi when she introduced her mother to the challenge. However, the unapologetic radio personality has done it again.

However, despite her newfound fame, she has been making all sorts of headlines for the wrong reasons. Of late, Dineo Ranaka is being accused of assaulting Tengetile Khumalo after being hired to perform at a show. Khumalo has it that Ranaka followed her to the bathroom and attacked her after she requested an autograph with her.

Rumour mill has it that there was a fallout between the showrunners and Dineo Ranaka. The DJ didn’t want anyone to take photos but only her private photographer. She has been said to be one of the worst DJs to work with.