Connie Ferguson

Despite the fact that she left the Ferguson production two years ago, many fans still refer to her as Kea. Dineo has appeared in a number of other TV shows, including Scandal, Jacob’s Cross, and My Perfect Family. She’s also appeared in a few reality TV shows. In 2011, the actress hosted Big Brother and had the opportunity to appear on the Grammy Awards red carpet for Channel O.

One would never tell from looking at Langa now that she had bodily troubles in the past. Because she was plus size, she was ridiculed and body humiliated. But, determined to alter her fortunes, the actress went to the gym and dropped weight in order to get her dream body.

Mzansi reacts to Connie Ferguson’s One Leg Challenge dance on TikTok

It surprised her followers, considering she had shared a seemingly sad video a few minutes prior. She spoke about why people should use time wisely because they may not have it but changed the mood instantly and killed the one leg challenge leaving Mzansi impressed.

Fans were thrilled by her dope dance moves that were capped with a smile that lightened up the mood. Some were thrilled with how she could still rock the moves despite her age. It came as a testament that one can mature with age like fine wine.

One leg challenge dance trending

One Leg Challange is trending on TikTok across Africa and several A-list celebrities have taken up the challenge including Ghana’s Jackline Mensah and South Africa’s Major league. The challenge started in Nigeria with fans dancing to Jay Hover’s hit One Lege. The challenge received so much attention when the disabled people joined rocking the challenge. It is currently one of the most trending TikTok challenges in Mzansi, alongside the Umlando challenge.

Watch Connie Ferguson’s one leg challenge video