Andile Mpisane

Royal AM chairperson and musician Andile Mpisane posted a video of himself and his pregnant wife Tamia dancing outside Konka. Both of them were wearing matching outfits and looked cute together. Andile and Tamia were having the time of their lives outside the famous nightclub Konka, dancing as a couple. The video was taken when the couple was enjoying Andile’s send-off in Konka.

Before Andile went to the United States of America to be an opening act at the Legendz of the Streetz Tour, he had a send-off at Konka. At the time, Tamia being pregnant was merely just a rumour. She posted images of just her face and wore clothes that concealed her belly region.

On Valentine’s Day, Tamia posted a pregnancy reveal, which was the first time Mzansi was sure she was indeed expecting.

Mzansi was shocked over grooving with a belly.

Across the many cultures in the country, there is a widespread belief that evil spirits lurk in nightlife. In South Africa, pregnant women don’t go clubbing. Tamia, however, was clubbing a lot during the early months of her pregnancy. After she and Andile got married, they went to a club in Tanzania. They went clubbing with Shaun Stylist and his girlfriend in Cape Town when they got back.

On Twitter, people reacted with shock over how Tamia could go clubbing during a pregnancy. Tweeps accused her of forcing the city girl life instead of sitting home. Firstly clubs are full of alcohol and smoking. Although she may not partake in any of that, there is secondary smoking.

How they hid the pregnancy

Tamia’s wedding dresses were designed to conceal her belly region from the day the couple got married. She was only wearing baggy clothes at the top. After her wedding, the rumour of her pregnancy was circulating heavily online. After some time, she finally revealed her pregnancy on Instagram.

Andile and Tamia are living their best lives.

Both of them are one of the most talked-about couples in Mzansi. As they are a hot topic, they seem to have a good marriage. Their pregnancy photoshoot broke the internet, and they keep serving couple goals. So far, there are no cheating scandals, and they seem very loved up together.

Watch Andile and Tamia Mpisane at Konka below: