Mercedes V Class
Mercedes V Class

When you say V class, there isn’t a single South African who does not know what you are talking about. The viral video of a man asking a woman to get out of his car has been doing its rounds on social media. More so, it was gathered from the video that the woman might have disrespected the man somehow for him to react in the manner that he did.

Fortunately, the guy who was seen as “irrational” for going as far as chasing the lady away from his V class went on the socials to tell his side of the and what happened. Many people thought it was simply a man being mean to a woman, but there’s more. The guy went on a Tik Tok live to explain what happened as his video is viral, and someone has to address what was going on because the people want to know.

He revealed that he met the lady through a friend. He was headed out with his wife from the club straight to home, and his friend was talking to the girl(the one that was chased away) and her friend. From there onwards, they realised that the two women needed help as they had no money whatsoever. Being the good Samaritan, he is, as he describes himself as someone who always helps people. Both he and his wife decided to offer them a ride.

When you see fancy stuff for the first time, you tend to get carried away. That was the issue with the girl; she got way too comfortable in the V Class on their way “home”.She started being disrespectful, drinking their alcohol and even going as far as sitting however she felt like. She even tried stealing a phone, and she was blatantly rude. Even her friend wanted to stop her at some point.

She began being incredibly mean to the wife and the man in particular; she said they think they are better because of their “cheap V class”.It was revealed that she later went on to demand money from the man and his friend and said that “they look like they are rich” to her friend when she tried to stop her.

The man had had enough right after she demanded money and proceeded to chase her out of his car.

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