Uzalo today

Let’s break down what to expect this week on Uzalo.

Sambulo and the police force descend on the Bhebhe distillery construction site to look for Nomzamo. They will not find anything as Sibonelo and Sbu have already dug up the body in Friday’s episode. Mondli finally got the warrant to search the place, but we know better, don’t we?

The last time we saw Sibonelo, he was planning to frame Sambulo for Nomzamo’s death. He came up with the plan to bury the body at Sambulos house.

Sambulo is then seen trying to meet with Nonka, and she reluctantly does it; then Sambulo tries to convince her to testify on the death of Nomzamo.

Sambulo is also in serious trouble because he goes digging, I suspect, in his backyard and finds the body buried there. Sibonelo managed to do what he said, ugh! He always wins. Will Sambulo then be found guilty for a murder he did not even commit? We shall see.

Sambulo and Sibonelo get into it one more time; this time, Nkunzi witnesses it. Sambulo still suspects Sibonelo, and anything that happens, makes him suspect Sibonelo more. These two are going to murder each other.

Patrick Shai is shocked when he sees how badly Njeza beat Nosipho. Patrick calls Njeza rotten, and Njeza doesn’t take that very well. They get into an argument. Njeza did severe damage to that woman. Remember he was dragging her in the mud? She nearly met her maker. We are not surprised bra Patrick is shocked.

Njeza has been beating other inmates, and he was looking for peace of mind with the Khuluma Ndoda sessions. I wonder if this new development will change things and he won’t be able to be a part of the project.

Monday 7 February 2022 Episode 241

Sibonelo has it out with Nonka about who informed the police about the body at the distillery.

Njeza is haunted by what he did to Nosipho. It looks like this will be another week of intrigue at KwaMashu.

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