Uzalo: Wednesday 29 December 2021

Uzalo: Wednesday 29 December 2021 – The end is coming for Khathide

Episode 213: Wednesday 29 December 2021 – The end is coming for Khathide

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When we last saw Mamlambo, she was still under the dark spell of Khathide, and she was so overwhelmed she even solicited help from Nkunzebomvu so he could. Well, remove the
problem. You know what that means, right? Khathide continues to spread the drug, and he wants to extend his Redwings to other areas. Mrs Ngema had launched an intervention for her son for getting involved with illegal things, and Sbu was caught with his pants down. Well, he might as well be, I guess, he is not handling fame well. Let’s hope he is not a one-hit-wonder because then all that will disappear like a puff of smoke.

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Maybe the beginning of the end is coming for Khathide. Mamlambo could unleash herself from Khathides shackles. She comes across something that could implicate Khathide and his drug dealings around the area. She then takes this information to Mondli, but she doesn’t want him to know she brought this to him.

I hope she can take back her power from this young man who has brought so much storm in her life and that storm is not about to subside. Mondli had been searching non-stop for the red pill dealers, and maybe with Mamlambos help, he will finally solve this case. Meanwhile, Khathide is still on the rampage, and hopefully, his reign of terror is cumming to an end. Sbu is put to the test by Hlelo. Sbu is still on a drug of his own, that one of fame. After being caught in bed with some groupies by Hlelo, she must be furious.

A little bird tells us that Sbu doesn’t take it well when he sees her around another man. The question is, how dare he feel anyhow about this? I mean, he was around his groupies, so let Hlelo have her fun too. It’s not like he has finally claimed her as his girl. I mean, they are not exclusive, according to him. Otherwise, he wouldn’t have to do what he did. OK, I’ll calm down.

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