Uzalo 16 March 2022

Uzalo Monday 10 January 2022: Tensions and emotions raise in KwaMashu as Sbu meets a new Vlogger

Misplaced rage and jealousy in Bhebhe mansion

Friday 7 January 2022

Episode 221

Gabisile has gone entirely out of control. Her jealous rage is causing her to be irrational. After she ultimately tries to make Ndoni feel her presence by thrusting to control her movements towards Nkunzi, she finds that her fears came true anyway.

She caught Ndoni in bed with Cool Kruger and went amock, throwing the naked pair out of the mansion into KwaMashu streets. Who does that? She lives in his house; how can she throw him out?

Mastermind put on an older man’s beard and managed to walk in and out of the police station without being recognized.

He had a heart to heart with Khathide and promised to get him out of the debacle he got himself into.

MaMlambo comes across as the very person who did her wrong. It’s Khathide. He has calmed down and is very respectful all of a sudden. It seems to be in jail for a day taught him a lesson.

Uzalo Monday 10 January 2022

Episode 222

Gabisile is giving it everything she can to get Nkunzi’s attention. She doesn’t seem to be winning, though. Gabi has been back for a long time now, and she stayed with Nkunzi this whole time.

Despite previously blue ticking Nkunzi’s romantic advances for silly excuses, Gabisile has herself to blame for this Nkunzi- Ndoni affair.

She lost bragging rights over Nkunzi’s romantic life when she made him her housemate. Will Ndoni’s shenanigans reignite the old flame in Gabi’s heart, or its just jealousy leading her astray?

The distillery is doing well, and the owners are satisfied with the progress when they come around. The arrival of Nomzamo, a new Vlogger, is set to cause a commotion as Pastor Gwala plays a joker from his sleeve. Sbu goes to extra lengths to outshine fellow business partners and get a great interview.

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