Uncle Waffles
Uncle Waffles

is facing prison after Botswana Journalist Daniel Kenosi revealed that the DJ would be sentenced for blue ticking a broadcast for which she was paid.

Waffles was supposed to attend a big event in Botswana last weekend, but she didn’t show there. Waffles was completely compensated for a show she blue checked, according to our study, and the reasons behind her actions are unknown. She disregarded the performance’s promoter and blacklisted him on her social media accounts after snubbing the show.

The show’s promoter became frustrated and reported Waffles to the authorities, asking that she pay back every dime they had spent on her. It’s still unclear whether the Swatini DJ will repay the money or if they will settle their dispute in court.

The Botswana Journalist Kenosi wrote this on his Facebook:

Swaziland Dj will spend the night behind bars this weekend for obtaining by false pretences if she doesn’t pay back the promotersThe Swati star was scheduled to perform in Botswana on Saturday but didn’t show up with no explanation. She later went on Twitter and gave BATSWANA a middle finger 🖕As per contract, She is expected to pay back P40k plus 75% of the same amount.Two years ago, DJ Heavy K had to use the back door of a hotel in Gaborone as one promoter was hunting for him with a warrant of arrest.Dj Maphorisa escaped the same This year and was forced to pay back Exotic at the last hours of his flight to Botswana as police waited for his arrival.In late March, SA’s Prince Benza was forced to extend his stay in Botswana because the court had confiscated his travel documents until he paid back the promoters he owed.

Source; Soapieteasers.co.za