Uncle Waffles Accused Of Stealing Young Stunna’s Shine
Young Stunna

Uncle Waffles continues to rub many South Africans off the wrong by simply soaring and getting many gigs. She is honestly one of the most hated on South African DJs, all because she is succeeding and doing great for herself, and people aren’t impressed as they claim she stole Young Stunna’s shine.

Silk Talk Released A Video Hating On Uncle Waffles

Silk Talk claims that the hype around the young female DJ is unnecessary and spiralling out of control. He said Uncle Waffles is only getting gigs because she’s pretty, and promoters want to see her because of that. Silk even noted that the producers are just older men with pedophiliac tendencies, so they are so adamant about hiring Uncle Waffles and not because she has talent. He said she only plays the same song in all her sets. He even added that he wishes to see what will become of the young DJ after the music loses its hype. The song is by Young Stunna, and it is called Adiwele.

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How Uncle Waffles Rose To Fame Overnight

Uncle Waffle is a young South African DJ who recently rose to fame. She obtained her fame when she released a video of her DJing at a party, and there were young men around her, and she was Killing it as everyone seemed to be enjoying her set. This video obtained over a million views in just a matter of hours, and Drake followed her on Instagram, which is why she is today. She is being booked all over, and she is even doing out of the country DJing now.

Uncle Waffles Stole Young Stunna’s Shine By Always Playing His Song

But many people claim she stole Young Stunna’s shine as she is always playing Young Stunna’s popular song in her sets. She has even created a dance for this song which is going wild on the Tik Tok streets and this dance is a direct demonstration of Young Stunna’s music. When you hear Adiwele, you think Uncle Waffles, which is why many people are saying she stole the young boy’s shine. But many are also coming to Uncle Waffles defence and saying she didn’t ask to get all this fame and her playing the song is simply like any other Dj playing a piece of music to her audience.

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