The song made numbers before it was even released. The dance challenge has been trending since the beginning of the year. is performed by Toss, 9umba and Mdoovar featuring Sino Msolo, Lady Du, Young Stunna, Sir Trill and Slade.

They first dropped a teaser to the song, and a challenge started in the Tiktok app. The catchy beat of the music and the exciting dance move had everyone move their waist.

Young Stunna featured on . Image Credit: Instagram

How to do the dance

The challenge saw people dance using different locations. All you have to do is turn your back to the camera, move your waist side to side, and then do that everywhere you think you can stand firm.Some have been dancing on top of tables in the mall, in the bush at work at school, hanging on to something.


Young and old have responded well to this challenge. Some felt that women were twerking instead of doing , which made them say it’s better if men only do the challenge. Even the soapie Uzalo posted how their crew moves to this beat on their social pages.

9umba. Image Credit: Instagram


Challenges have helped launch a lot of songs and events and new dance styles in social media and these guys saw an opportunity to market their music through a dance challenge, and it worked. It creates anticipation and hype around the product, and if done right, you get the numbers.

The whole song has finally dropped now. I guess the wait is over. The dancers can dance to an entire song now.

We all know how much you all like to move to music, and the beat of this song is doing just that.
The song has started the year on a high dancing note, and it brings a little happiness to January, the longest and most challenging month of all.

Everyone can dance their financial troubles away.