Trending Songs in South Africa
Trending Songs in South Africa

Music is an essential part of many cultures, but some people go too far to promote their favourite artists. For some countries, music is often connected with politics, religion, and social groups. Music South Africa is no exception.

South African Music is a style of traditional and contemporary music played and created by the people of South Africa. Traditional music, also known as Kwaito and Township Jive, has been around since the 19th century and consists of a fusion of indigenous rhythms and melodies with those from Europe.

Contemporary South African House Music can be seen as a continuation of traditional music yet with more hip-hop, R&B, soul, funk, rock, and jazz influences. There are many music streaming services where you can listen to all those trendy music 2021.

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  • Which songs are trending now in South Africa?
  • What are the trending songs right now?

So, stay tuned!

Top 10 South African Trendy Songs:

DJ Cleo – Gcina Impilo Yami (Feat. Bucy Radebe):

The first song on our list is the South African house music released on YouTube on February 12, 2021. DJ Cleo has collaborated with Bucy Radebe for this art piece. It is a remix of her recent hit track, Uzugcin Impilo Yami. The video has got about 8 Million views till now and still counting.

Uthando by Prince Bulo ft. Q Twins:

Prince Bulo teamed up with Q Twins on the fast-paced love song ‘Uthando.’ The lyrics of this track are about a relationship that starts out being full of challenges but ends well with people dancing. The video was premiered on YouTube on June 28, 2021, and got 762K views to date.

WamiForever by Heavy K ft. Soulstar and Mo-T:

The song “WamiForever” was a title track from Heavy K’s 2021 album. It features Soulstar and Mo-T, who provide the tasty trumpet lines known for in Mi Casa. The music video was uploaded on YouTube on Feb 12, 2021, and has been seen by 384K people.


The song “NKULUNKULU” by Kamo Mphela” is one of the best inspiring songs you can listen to. If you are looking for some love lyrics, this is the track that you should go for. The official music video was uploaded on YouTube on March 26, 2021, and it has got 6M+ views just on YouTube.

King Monada – Wa Ngobatxa (feat. Jen Jen & Mack Eaze):

This track collaborates with King Monada, Jen Jen, and Mack Eaze, making it one of the most top-listed and viral South African songs in 2021. The video was published on YT on Jan 22, 2021, and received about 3M views.

Ngiyakhuza by Prince Bulo ft. Andiswa Live:

The song is by Prince Bulo, and Andiswa Live collaborate, which is a powerful in-house sensation. The lyrics of the track protest against gender violence in South Africa. The official video has got 10K views by now after uploading on YouTube on Aug 6, 2021.

Ebabayo by Prince Kaybee ft. Nokwazi:

The track video was officially uploaded on YouTube on March 2, 2021. The video has received 454K views till now. The song is proof that the duo of Nokwazi and Prince Kaybee are geniuses. The beats come to life with powerful singing from both singers connecting their songs in harmony, proving they were meant for each other.

Ngiyavuma by Prince Benza ft. Master KG and Miss Twaggy:

Master producer, great singer, and songwriter Prince Benza features Master KG, Miss Twaggy in this single love song. The track is a proclamation of love and was sung in Zulu. The track was uploaded on YT on Jan 22, 2021, and received 703K views.

Makazi by Busiswa ft. Mr JazziQ:

The song was published on YT on Jan 29, 2021, and got 1.1M views to date. In Makazi, Busiswa portrays a traditional healer. This music pays tribute to South African culture and highlights its importance for future generations.

Yehla Moya by Prince Kaybee ft. Thalitha:

The song is a prayer, and its slow tempo matches it well with Thalitha’s vocalist. It was uploaded on YT on Jan 20, 2021, and is seen by 587K views.

Best Music Streaming Services:


Spotify has been in the music streaming market for a long time and has built up an impressive catalog of music and an even more impressive resume. It is currently ranked number 1 when it comes to a total number of songs, so when looking for a service with everything you could want, it should be at the top of your list.

With millions of songs in its library, Spotify is not only one of the best-paid services but also one of the best free ones. However, it is restricted in some countries. To unblock it, you have to use a good VPN.

Apple Music:

Apple Music is an excellent music streaming service with the most features from all other music streaming services. The user-friendly design makes using the app easy for both beginners and advanced users.

Apple Music has an extensive catalogue that includes many genres of music and podcasts, exclusive interviews, artist content, and more.


A music lover’s favourite pastime is to debate which music streaming service is the best. Tidal offers several features that make it stand out from other subscription-based services, and tidal has a vast library for listeners to enjoy.

They also have a variety of curated playlists available for a listener’s listening preference and mood. Another notable feature of Tidal is listening to HiFi audio without having to buy expensive equipment.


In conclusion, the trend of popular music in South Africa is a mix between traditional and western. Traditional music remains popular, but specific western influences have been made. The country has been influenced by hip-hop, house, reggae, dancehall, kwaito, and dubstep.