Thursday’s Episode: Generations The Legacy 6 January 2022 – Nontle’s problems are flooding in

In the previous of Generations, The Legacy

We caught Lucy and Cosmo getting very personal. Cosmo spotted a new business opportunity, and Lucy wants in on it as well. Things get so heated up that she threatens to take her shares from Skhafthini, the restaurant Cosmo is currently running.

Kabisi was still on a mission to get rid of the Cele clan. He is not satisfied with their union and feels like they are unworthy of his trust. Sphe threatening him into the agreement has also added to his doubts about the Cele’s. Nkosiyabo is also trying to find the minutes of a certain meeting where Tshidi embarrassed Kabisi in front of the board.

Now he has Pamela Khoza’s journalistic interests heightened in the matter, and she had launched an investigation on it. Ayanda found unwanted content published on their site.

What’s happening next on Thursday 6 January 2022

Nontle’s nightmare has come true. The sluice gates are open, and problems are flooding in. What nightmare is this for Nontle? We will await tonight’s patiently to find out.

For now, Nontle took a gap year and had nothing to do for the whole year. She found a way to spend her time doing the podcast, and lastly, she needs a partner in crime to do this. Well, let’s tune in tonight to find out what has her in her feelings.

Lucy doesn’t mind going to all lengths to get what she wants. No matter how low they are. Lucy doesn’t know when to stop, and she wants to criticize Cosmo for making his own decisions. Cosmo is in disbelief.

Lucy reminds Cosmo that Skhaftin Chicken was her idea.

Mandla is showing just how accomplished he is at swindling others. The man is unstoppable. He is under pressure to pay back the money to a very impatient Lerumo, who is growing agitated by the second. Mandla doesn’t care just how much trouble he puts his own family in. All he worries about is his wellbeing.

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