Natasha Thahane and Lasizwe
Natasha Thahane and Lasizwe

This is the real reason why Natasha Thahane and Lasizwe are no longer on speaking terms. Lasizwe and Natasha Thahane used to be very good friends and somehow along the line the two parted ways, at one time Lasizwe posted on his Instagram account saying I love you so much Natasha Thahane.

People have been wondering what happened to the two besties and Natasha during his interview with MacG revealed why the two fell apart. Natasha said she was not pleased by how Lasizwe handled his fallout with Ntando Duma and how he made it public knowledge on one of his YouTube shows.

She went on to say, I’m enjoying my silence. He decided to say whatever he wanted to say. He can carry on,” she said.

“One thing people need to learn from my situation with Lasizwe is when people grow out of each other’s seasons, it’s okay. My thing was you need to figure out if we’re industry friends or genuine friends. Lasizwe stayed in my life and it was great. We were good friends. If we have to grow apart that’s okay, but let’s keep respecting each other.”

Nandi Madida made everyone curious when he asked Lasizwe during his Drink Or Tell The Truth episode on his YouTube channel when she asked him what happened between him and Natasha.

Lasizwe responded saying they had unfollowed each other on social media platforms.

Its like so wiered like for fans to know that celebs have had a falling out they unfollow each other on social media platforms whatsup with that.