Lindah Majola is the definition of pure talent, as he has shown when he delivers his outstanding performances on The Wife on every episode. The Durban-based actor is not a qualified actor, but fate was significant to him as he found his way to the spotlight and realized he belonged there. The thespian is set to reach new heights in his career as Lindah Majola is set to host a new show on SABC 1.

News reporter Phil Mpela took to his Twitter to break the news that Lindah Majola will be hosting his first TV show ever. The show is set to be aired on SABC 1, and it’s called The Wedding Chef.

The idea behind the show is to show as a Chef is matched to an engaged couple and air the matrimonial celebration week on our screens.

Lindah Majola is a perfect fit for a host as the entertainer is not just a natural in the spotlight. The actor is also a qualified chef who owns a fast-food truck with raving reviews from customers. His food truck is called Humble Cafe, and he serves American style fast food to his customers who keep coming back for more.

Lindah Majola is a professional chef in a real-life

Lindah Majola-Image Source(Instagram)

The Wife actor grew up in Durban, where he pursued Catering Management at a professional level. Lindah graduated Cum Laude with his Diploma at the University. He went on to work at Hilton Hotel for some time before he decided to go solo and do his own business. However, the Covid pandemic then hit the world, and the chef found himself having to find other means of racking in the money.

Lindah Majola started making videos on his TikTok and Instagram like most people. His followers applauded his acting skills, which gave him an idea to try acting. When the opportunity arose, Lindah auditioned for the role of Langa on The Wife. A few months later, he got a callback and was told he had gotten the role. His character as Langa is his debut in the acting industry and on TV altogether.

Lindah Majola-Image Source(Instagram)

In the famous Showmax show, Langa is the twin brother to Hlomu, who is one of the main characters. His character is that of a gay man whose father accepts the idea of him being gay but does not accept his boyfriend and love life when it comes to it. His love for the soft life is transparent as he constantly leeches off of his twin sister.