The River’s Mohumi

The River’s Mohumi Steamy Pictures With Younger Bae Ignite Controversy On Social Media

After flaunting his new younger bae in steamy and sexy pictures on social media in celebrations over Valentines Day, ‘s Mohumi has attracted nothing but controversy once again.

Seems like his love for younger women is unending.

This time around his pictures have gone viral on sicla media where the two lovebirds are seen cozy at a certain lodge over the weekend.

The legendary actor’s girlfriend posted their pictires on her Twitter handle.

But netizens were quick to attack the actor whose real name is Seputla Sebogodi for preying on young girls half his age.

But is not the first time he has created controversy over that subject.

A few years ago he was engaged to a 21 year old woman – Makoena Francina Kganakga – before they shortly cancelled their engagement.

This, after he had also attracted controversy when he proposed to a 21 year old ex-fiance Khanyisile Zuma whom he dumped immediately after paying lobola for.

It seems his thirst for young blood is one never to be quenched anytime soon.

This time around, the lady in question whom we have only identified as Mogau Sebeka has an age not yet known to the public but netizens have already assumed she may also be on her early 20s.

Immediately after she posted the pictures, one in which Seputla is seen going down on one knee, supposedly in attempt to propose – they received mixed feelings form fans, many of which were against their union.

But despite this negetivity, Seputla’s girlfriend seems to be taking all the backlash lightly.

“You guys????…. You are definitely fetching me????. But hey love lives here❤️,” she responded to some of the comments thrown at her.

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