TK Dlamini ‘Mastermind from Uzalo

The two have always had a rocky relationship that was on and off frequently. In December 2020, Jessica Nkosi went on a rant on Instagram where she outed her baby daddy Ntokozo Dlamini for cheating. After the nasty Instagram rant, The Queen actress took her posts down, and it was rumoured that they had gone their separate ways. It’s now confirmed that Jessica Nkosi is back together with the former Uzalo actor TK Dlamini.

Throughout this year, fans were confused if the two had gotten back together or been just co-parenting because they spoiled each other on their birthdays throughout the year. After photos that Tk has posted on his Instagram story of the two holidaying in Capetown, South Africa has put the gossip to sleep. The picture has been met with joy from the two entertainers’ fans. The two were all loved up on a boat in Capetown.

TK Dlamini has been rumoured to have been cheating on the actress for a long time, and some fans thought that Jessica was making the right decision to leave him. In December 2020, Jessica posted on her story, saying whoever was dating her baby daddy behind her back can now have him all to herself.

TK Dlamini was rumoured to have cheated on Jessica Nkosi

The two who had agreed to co-parent their daughter Nami found themselves spending more time together because of her. When exactly they sorted out their issues, Mzansi can not pinpoint. Fans are just happy that the two have found a way to sort out their differences and focus on their family. However, there is nothing like a child’s love to bring two people together.

Ntokozi Dlamini left Uzalo and announced that he was creating time to spend with his family, which pushed him to make that decision. Ever since then, he has joined The River and kept on grinding. One thing we know for sure about Tk is that he has the parenting thing on lockdown. He adores his daughter and dots on her. We hope this time it’s forever for the happy couple.