Thando From Isencane Lengane
Thando From Isencane Lengane

Thando from Isencane Lengane has managed to upset the whole of South Africa, and it is infrequent where someone manages to upset an entire country. Isencane Lengane is a reality show about kids who marry whilst they are young, and it covers their lives-from how they met, to how they are now married.

Isencane Lengane Viewers Always Upset At Siyacela

The prominent people it covers is Thando and Siyacela. These have come to acquire a lot of fame from the show and a lot of dislikes because of the way they think and do things. I think what’s even more upsetting to people is that it’s not a soapie, so you cannot soothe yourself with the fact that’s it not cause it’s real. Sometimes these kids honestly act so childishly that people wonder why they even get married in the first place.

Who Is Thando And Siyacela?

Thando, the girl, is still matric, and her husband, Siyacela, dropped out of school. South Africans seem to have a lot of dislike toward Siyacela more than Thando, though. They feel Siyacela is holding Thando back because firstly, he left school, but he doesn’t work, and he doesn’t want to work. Siyacela also found another girl he wanted to marry at that time he didn’t work. He is taking care of the girl using their money with Thando.

Thando From Isencane Lengane Revealed She Is Pregnant

Many viewers of the show believe that Siyacela is plain toxic, and he honestly should leave Thando alone. They think Thando would get far if she were to break up with him, but she revealed something that might stop her from breaking up with him. Thando said that she was pregnant. Viewers were left in utter disbelief and shock as this is what most were praying not to happen. Now she is glued to this boy for life, and there is nothing she can do about it.

Viewers even admitted that all this time, they were blaming Siyacela for oppressing Thando, but it seems she is also the one oppressing herself. She left many disappointed, and all people wanted was for her to go through that toxic marriage and find someone who would love and appreciate her, but it seems that is not happening anytime soon.