Thaboka Mnguni

Thaboka Mnguni is a South African actor and scriptwriter who plays the role of Mbatha on Uzalo. The Mbatha role is a crooked former church leader who sights the most covert position in KwaMashu Kingdom Church. He pulled up every trick from his sleeve, from deception, photoshop and crookery, in his attempt to become the KKC pastor again.

Mbatha on Uzalo

The Pastor Mbatha role is a former KKC church leader who lives in his glory days and struggles to come back as the church pastor again. Pastor Mbatha was married and divorced MaDongwe; he made and failed in several attempts to rekindle his love over the storyline.

Famous for mobilizing protesters against the attempted sale of the KKC church by Qhabanga, Mbatha enjoyed temporary victory, which was cut short by the arrival of Pastor Gwala. He turns to deceptive skills and uses decorated images to lie that he met and was ordained by famous American Pastor, Bishop TD Jakes.

Over the Uzalo storyline, Mbatha is a consistent scammer who resorts to cheating whenever he faces heat from competition.

Thaboka Mnguni Mbatha – Business and Net Worth 2022

In real life, Thaboka Mnguni is a chilled character, a businessman and loves to show his wealthy side, making him Mzansi soapies ultimate uncle bae.

An established entrepreneur, Mnguni and his partner own one of KwaZulu Natal’s most viable dairy farming enterprises. He has business interests in mining, farming and film production; his production company Amanguni Productions sets to rival traditional houses in the filming industry.

With mining and farming revenue, Thaboka Mnguni is the richest actor on the Uzalo cast; he owns properties in the affluent suburbs of Joburg and flats in Midrand. He is valued at R27.6 million in 2022.

Speaking on his acting career, Mbatha revealed that he would continue doing what he loves the most, drama and film production, despite business pressure.