Thabee Happy
Thabee Happy

, Instagram Influencer has shows off her new R1 Million car on social media.

made a name for herself as an Instagram model. Many people were discussing after she posted a picture of her new wheels on Instagram. The teenage model has a million Instagram followers and is working with a number of high-profile companies.

shared photos of her new Mercedes Benz on her Instagram account. Following the release of the images, the gossip mill began to buzz with inquiries and predictions. Some on social media questioned how the Influencer could afford such a pricey car. Maphepha Ndaba, an Instagram gossip page, posted the photos and stated that the new vehicle has been questioned on the streets.

However, not everyone was on board with the rumors, as Eva Modika stated in the comments section that she has previously worked with the Influencer. According to Eva, Thabee charges R10,000 every hosting job and is in high demand. She also gets compensated by Instagram because she has 1 million followers. She had further doubts about the agreement, even though it was a male who purchased her the automobile. The Influencer, in her own words, can afford the automobile with or without a partner.

On her personal Instagram account, the Influencer got a lot of love from her followers and other celebrities. In the comment section, many other followers were saying that they do not care how she got it as long as she has it. They went on to congratulate Thabee on her new classy car.  Actresses Mvelo Makhanya and Khanya Mkangisa congratulated the influencer as well. Faith Nketsi and Eva Modika were also in her comment section celebrating the latest ride with her saying it suits her perfectly.

Apart from being an Instagram model, Thabee is a brand ambassador for a number of companies. She has a Fashion Nova partnership and frequently models their clothing on her website. Huawei leaped at the chance to work with this beauty and has become one of its brand ambassadors. She is also a Brutal Fruit brand spokesperson. Aside from that, she works as a club host and has a full weekend schedule.