Kabelo Mabalane
Kabelo Mabalane

You forgive, you forget, but you never let go, they said; that’s exactly what South Africans reminded Kabelo Mabalane when he revealed he is now part of an initiative to stop Gender-based violence in South Africa.

Kabelo Mabalane is a former abuser

It seems there is no South African celebrity who doesn’t have any skeleton in their closet. Kabelo is married to the beautiful Gail Mabalane, one of the country’s most beautiful women. But just because he managed to score Gail doesn’t mean South Africa has forgotten that he is an abuser. Kabelo posted a picture of him and his wife where he explained that he is part of a movement to stop and mitigate the extent that Gender-based violence has reached, especially towards women.

South Africans will never forgive him.

Maybe he thought people would hand him a box of chocolate for his doing, but instead, it was the former. The majority expressed their disappointment at Kabelo and how he expects to be given flowers after leaving his victim for the dead. She (the victim) is now partially because of how much Kabelo assaulted her. South Africans also emphasized that nothing can be done to heal the victim because the trauma that comes with being beaten to death is something else. It makes it worse that your abuser is out there trying to gain “golden points” from the situation and claiming to be a better man when everyone knows that once an abuser, always an abuse.

Some even said that Kabelo is doing all of this for advertising, and he is being paid off this, and so he is learning nothing as he is doing it solely for the money. He is only putting on a show for the cameras and the whole of Mzansi. But as much as Kabelo caught a lot of smoke and people who were breathing down his neck, he managed to appeal to other souls.

Did everyone expect Kabelo never to realize his mistake?

We all perceive differently, and so some people saw what Kabelo was doing as brave and commendable. To come forward and place yourself in a bad light and admit that you were in the wrong. Most importantly, taking action that the whole of Mzansi can see is what matters the most and proves that he has changed. Besides, did people want him never to realize his mistake and own up?