Somizi and Mohale
Somizi and Mohale

wants the lock that he and Mohale placed on Paris’ infamous love lock bridge years ago.

Despite the painful nature of breakups, has had somewhat of a light-hearted approach to the kinds of things he says about the end of his marriage and his comment under one of DJ Zinhle’s Instagram posts is further proof of that.

The parents to baby Asante and rumoured newlyweds Bongani Mohosana (Murdah Bongz) and Ntombezinhle Jiyane (DJ Zinhle) recently jetted off to Paris on what looks like a romantic getaway with a sprinkling of work. 

DJ Zinhle has been sharing images of her outfits almost daily with fantastic pictures of herself set against the Paris backdrop and her photographer is none other than her boo.

Most Instagram users would kill for a partner who takes great photos of them.

On their first day in Paris, Zinhle posted a picture of herself in a multi-coloured faux-fur coat with a matching hat, a black top and pants and some black boots.

“Insert love quote here…” said Zinhle in her caption with her boo tagged as her picture credit. 

Famous friends such as Maps Maponyane, Pearl Modiadie, Liesl Laurie and Mbali Nkosi all commented but it was ’s comment that had everyone in stitches. 

Ngicela ungibuyele ne lock yam,” (Loosely translated, ‘Please come back with my lock’) asked in reference to the lock he and Mohale placed on the city’s infamous love lock bridge all those years ago when they travelled to Paris on a romantic getaway where would later propose to Mohale. 

All this was captured on Somizi’s reality show, Living The Dream With Somizi and the clip is currently available online.

While DJ Zinhle and Bongz have not visited the bridge, it would be interesting to see if they could sift through the countless locks on the bridge to find the exact lock that the Idols SA judge and his estranged husband placed on the bridge.