Somizi blesses Shauwn Mkhize

Somizi went to LaLucia in the lush, warm and green KwaZulu Natal Province. He gave her a massive bunch of flowers and a jar of biscuits shaped like hearts. Their moment was captured on video, and both friends are very fond of one another.

Somizi Mhlongo and Shauwn Mkhize’s friendship

Before recent times, the two were famous in their respective fields. Somizi was famous in entertainment, and Shauwn Mkhize was prominent in business. They were rarely seen together, as social media wasn’t that big back then. In the 2010s, Somizi and Shauwn started tagging and mentioning one another.

Last year on the 23rd of December 2021, Somizi’s birthday celebration took place in his friend’s mansion. Guests were people in the entertainment industry and more.

Note on the flowers

Somizi read the card he brought along with the flowers. It read, “To my dear friend Shauwn. Since you are Valentineless, dololo, I’ll be your Valentine’s.”

MaMkhize is a single woman.

Shawn Mkhize was in a very long and happy marriage with property mogul Sbu Mpisane (Andile’s father). Sadly, the couple divorced in 2019; the reason was Sbu’s infidelity that led him to have many children outside their marriage.

Content creation in the MaMkhize’s home

Ever since MaMkhize became a reality TV show star for her show Kwa MaMkhize, she’s invested a lot in content creation. After hosting an extravagant Christmas party in December, Shawn jetted off to Namibia. She wasn’t there for just a holiday, and she took many glamorous pictures. Pictures she took in Namibia are the pictures she’s posting to this day, and it’s February now.

Shauwn’s video with Somizi also looks scripted. A camera was ready to capture him walking in and giving MaMkhize flowers. To look more authentic, she has a lot to do, but she’s been doing well so far.